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Date: 27th May 2016
ASME ANSI Carriage Bolt
ASME ANSI standard carriage bolt covers the complete general and dimensionam data for the various tyoes of inch series bolts generally classified as carriage bolt and recognized as American National Standard. ?ASME ANSIB 18.5 carriage bolt have a circuar head with a low rounded top surface and flat bearing surface,Website:,and an integrally formed square neck under the head.The inclusion of dimensional data inthis standard is not inteded to imply that all of the products described are stock production sizes.So please consult with us concerning availability of the products needed.StandardGradeFinishThreadASME B18.52PlainUNCZinc plated5Yellow zinc platedPTFE8BlackUNFDacrometOtherHDGOther