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Date: 27th May 2016
ASME ANSI Flat Washer
ASME/ANSI flat washer ?covers the dimensional requirments of inch series FLAT WASHER.The standard of ASME/ANSI flat washer ?is ASME B18.22.1,Website:, ?includes N and W series. ?The size from #6-3" diameter.?ASME flat washer is widely used, mainly goes with bolt and screw. The mechanical property has 100HV, 140HV, 200HV and 300HV. ?StandardGradeFinshASME/ANSI B18.22.1100HV? ? ?white zinc ? ? ?yellow zinc black oxide ? ? ?H.D.G ? ? ? Dacromet ? ? ?...140HV200HV300HV