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Date: 27th May 2016
Machine Screw
From raw materials to end product delivery,Website:,Shanghai Jinrui has a strict control program. Accurate completion is done about wiring- roughing ? annealing- pickling - drawing - heading - rolling - heat treatment -surface treatment -packaging and other aspects. Machine screws have many different head styles and screw drives. Machine Screws are available in a variety of drive and head styles, materials and platings.For Binding, Button, Fillister, Hex, Hex Washer, Pan, Round and Truss heads, measure length from under the head. For Flat and Oval heads, length includes head height.?Size: M3-M6(diameter from 3mm-6mm, length from 6mm-120mm).Head: Hexgon,Round, pan, countersunk,truss,oval,etc.Slot: Philips, pozi,square, torx,etc.Finish: Zinc, Chrome,Electrophoresis,Dacromet, Ruspert,etcColor: White,yellow, black, silver,colorful,etc.Usage: Funiture, appliance, automobile,electronic industry,hardware &electrical Machinery,buliding, infrastructure,aviation,etc.